Gavor Software Training

Tema, Ghana, Friday 23rd January 2009
Group picture

Representatives from six private schools from the Greater Accra Region gather for a photo with the facilitators of the program.

Private school clients of Opportunity International participated in a one-day training workshop on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for school administration and financial management. The purpose of the workshop was to create greater awareness of good recordkeeping and also demonstrate features of the information management software developed by Gavor Consult International Ltd. called Alphabet. The program was sponsored by Opportunity International Development Foundation (OIDF), the not-for-profit development arm of Opportunity International Savings and Loans, and facilitated by Mr. Sebastian Gavor, the developer of the software.


Matthew Brown and Sebastian Gavor

Matthew Brown and Sebastian Gavor

Proprietors and staff from six private schools serving low-income communities in Ghana (Bestway Academy, Future VIPs, Golden Gate Academy, Lebanon International School, Mawuko Educational Complex, and Providence Educational Complex) participated in the program at the Data Link University College premises in Tema. The workshop included interactive sessions where the proprietors shared challenges of manual recordkeeping, their hopes, and their appreciation for the efforts of Opportunity International to strengthen private education for the poor.

As a follow up to the workshop, OIDF will provide these school proprietors with a computer, a copy of the software and other equipment, and assist them with their transition from manual to electronic recordkeeping. Following a successful pilot, OIDF plans to expand this initiative to a greater number of private schools.

This workshop marks the commencement of the ICT capacity building initiatives of OIDF for private schools serving low-income communities in Ghana. As part of this initiative, OIDF will also introduce ICT for education by sponsoring and assisting with the set up of computer labs for private school clients of Opportunity International Savings and Loans.


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